CBD FDA Guidelines

FDA CBD Disposition

At 5280 Farm & Apothecary we are always working to stay on top of what our friends and customers, and our future friends and customers, have on their minds pertaining to CBD, Wellness, and their ability to benefit from both. And we’ve noted A LOT of questions and concerns on the internet regarding FDA, CBD and what the relationship is between the two. The first thing that we want to say is Fear Not. The FDA isn’t an Ogre stalking us in the night. They’re just a government entity trying to get their assignments accomplished in a very fast breaking environment. This is the time to be trying to work with them and not against them. In due time they’ll fully recognize the value of current CBD and Hemp research and in the end bring some needed regulation to the CBD/Hemp Wellness sphere. After all, the new FDA Commissioner recently said that trying to quash the CBD/Hemp industry was a “Fools game”.


CBD FDA Guidelines


The CBD FDA guidelines may best be described as “Fluid”. We believe that CBD and Hemp will, in the end, be fully recognized for the benefits they deliver and be even more widely available than they ARE NOW. In fact, the FDA “Public Comment” period which was only supposed to be open from April to July of last year has been reopened on an indefinite basis. And FYI it appears that Public Comments may be delivered to Regulations.gov on the internet. So, you might want to check that out. Also, the FDA is trying to evolve ways to allow cannabis compound sales and have been using “enforcement discretion”- only going after egregious violators making preposterous claims for the products that they sell. 


FDA Approved CBD Companies


We note that a frequently asked question online is “Are there any FDA approved CBD companies?” Well, no. And neither is CBD oil FDA approved.




But we are confident that it will be after the current “shake out” period that we’re now transitioning through. And at that time there will be a positive new regulatory system that will assure the wellness of people using CBD/Hemp and the wellness of the industry that serves them.


We hope this short essay has been helpful and informative for you. If you have questions or comments please feel free to get in touch. And, if any of our readers pursue making a Public Comment to the FDA please let us know how it goes and if the Regulations.gov works for you as it’s the best info that we have as of this writing.


Stay healthy and happy! And remember that we ship our organic homegrown,  and hand crafted CBD/Hemp products to every State in the Union!

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