CBD Meaning

As you know, 5280 Farm & Apothecary is making available a series of short and informative articles to help people understand CBD and Hemp plant products. We do this because we are absolutely committed to making folks aware of the benefits of CBD and to becoming the trusted friends and providers to Wellness Seekers of the highest quality examples of these CBD products. So, let us try to encapsulate on what CBD is and where it comes from.

First Thing, Let’s Get CBD Explained

CBD is an abbreviation for the term Cannabidiol which is one of the
Phytocannabinoids occurring naturally in the Cannabis plant. THC, THC meaning
Tetrahydrocannabinol, is also one of these. But to “Cut to the Chase” we’ll just say
that THC is the stuff that makes a person “High” and that’s not what this essay is
about. This essay is about understanding the basics of CBD, what it can do and
how it is created. Now, you have a handle on CBD but what is CBD oil? CBD Oil is
usually extracted from the Hemp plant in one of three ways, CO2 Extraction, Ethanol Extraction or Hydrocarbon Extraction. At 5280 we use the CO2 Extraction method because we feel that this is one of the cleanest, yet still full spectrum options available for our consumers.

What Wellness Issues May Be Treated With Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil?

Extensive research, much of it performed by the US Government and supported
by a large body of anecdotal reports from patients and physicians, indicates
that CBD Oil is effective in the treatment of epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis,
Chron’s Disease, Autism, PTSD and many other wellness challenges.
We hope this brief essay has helped you a bit in getting your hands around a
working CBD definition. And we wish to take just a moment to give you a piece
of advice. The CBD business is growing very rapidly, but its oversight rules and
practices are evolving less rapidly. We want you to be able to make your CBD
purchases from only the most reputable provider and it is with all confidence we
suggest that would be us. We are a family owned business with the highest levels
of training and expertise. We grow all our Hemp right here at our Farm in
Hotchkiss, Colorado and we create and curate all our CBD products with our own
hands. We also ship our products to all 50 States and to other countries where
local regulations allow.

Contact us for all your CBD needs and always feel free to come and visit the Farm!

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