CBD Oil and Chronic Pain

Hello and Best Wishes from 5280 Farm & Apothecary!
As some readers already know we work to stay abreast of the questions and
concerns that appear “Online” from folks who use or are considering using CBD
products. And sometimes Your Questions wind up helping us uncover facts and
circumstances both enlightening and important.
Today’s short essay is along those lines. So, let’s get started.

Does CBD Oil Help with Pain?

Does CBD help with pain? The answer to that is an almost unqualified YES. The
positive research is overwhelming and even the Mayo Clinic has published papers
and opinions urging the Social and Medical communities to keep an open mind to
the benefits of CBD. For the record then, the position at 5280 Farm & Apothecary is unequivocally that using CBD Oil for pain is a good and effective game plan.

Does CBD Oil Help Chronic Pain?

Another question might be “Does CBD Oil help Chronic pain as much as the
typically prescribed pain killers in common use today. We will admit that there
are narcotics that may “Deaden” pain, and other human senses, more
dramatically than CBD BUT CBD brings other harmonized health benefits without
the quite disturbing side effects of prescription narcotics. And without the need
to increase dosage to keep pain “tamped down.” Just a list of the pain killers
being prescribed regularly should give you an idea of where we’re going here. Try
these: Codeine, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, Demerol, Morphine, Oxycodone! OK, we
also had a list of atrocious side effects that go along with these opioid based pain
killers, but we think that the most important side effect is probably DEATH. In the
most recent year that we have U.S. Government numbers for, 2018, we see over
67,000 DEATHS related to opioid overdose. Opioids are addictive and dangerous
beyond question! And we submit that one can only be puzzled to see some folks
trying so hard to minimize the use of Cannabinoids, which do no proven harm,
while leaving opioids that killed 67,000 Americans in 2018 legal!

Go figure!

CBD Oil for Pain

OK, we’ll get off the Soap Box here. But we believe that it was important to climb
up there for just a minute and take a look at pain reduction and the historical
event that is even now being referred to in US Government circles as the “Opioid
Crisis”. A good choice is CBD Oil for pain. As always, we recommend that you
consult your physician before embracing a CBD pain regimen but we also, in the
friendliest way possible, suggest that if your physician recommends an opioid
based pain killer that you just check and see if CBD might also be an option. If CBD
doesn’t bring your pain down to livable levels you can move to an opioid but,
please, friends, BE CAREFUL.

Just a reminder about 5280 Farm &Apothecary then. We really have a Farm and
we really have two CBD Apothecary Shops, one at the Farm in Hotchkiss, CO., and
the other in the Colorado Front Range town of Arvada. We ship to every location in the USA and all of the plants that make up our hand crafted CBD products are grown on the Farm from seed to harvest under the eye s of our dedicated Farm Horticulturist. Ours is a family operation run and operated by people who see the benefits and future of CBD products. And we guarantee that our CBD products are as pure as the Colorado soil, water and air that they grow in.
We’d love to have you come by and check out the Farm if you’re ever in the
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