CBD Oils and Blood Pressure

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Today’s short informational essay will be CBD blood pressure related. Major
Medical University and Government research in the United Kingdom has recently
been indicating significant positive CBD Oil effects on blood pressure. And while
they are not conclusive, we believe that they are predictive of more and better
things on the horizon.

CBD Oils And Blood Pressure

When your blood pressure is checked the “Top” number is the Systolic blood
pressure and the “Bottom” number is the Diastolic blood pressure. In general
terms, it is better to have the Systolic reading be somewhat higher than the
Diastolic but for both readings to be within certain norms. A UK National Health
and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHNES) study of 12,000 adults found that CBD
users had a “Modestly” elevated Systolic pressure while their Diastolic pressure
was not elevated. This is principally a “good thing” because their Diastolic
readings were good and stable while the Systolic elevation was so modest that
the NHNES observed that it would be “…difficult to discern in Clinical Practice”.

Can CBD Oil Lower Blood Pressure?

The answer to the question “Can CBD Oil lower blood pressure” is YES! A study
by the Division of Medical Sciences at the University of Nottingham showed that
CBD decreased blood pressure overall. This was a “Double Blind” study where the
participants were given both genuine CBD and a placebo. The participants that
received real CBD, while having their heart rated increased by ten beats per
minute, had their blood pressure lowered. And the CBD also lowered blood
pressure in participants exposed to “Cold Stress” and Isometric exercise. Another
positive indication from the research.

Can CBD Raise Blood Pressure?

When we look at CBD Oil blood pressure data with you we want to be quite
careful to acknowledge the elevated Systolic blood pressure noted by the NHNES
in the UK. But we also want to point out once again how modest that increase
was and how much those results are inline with general blood pressure wellness-

a slightly higher Systolic and a lower and stable Diastolic reading. All of this is
positive, and we anticipate that further research along these lines will only
produce more positive indications in the realm of CBD Oil and blood pressure.
So, stay tuned and we will bring you the data as we get it!
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