How exactly does CBD Relieve Pain?

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Here’s a little data for you on CBD and pain.

Is CBD Oil Good for Pain?

Marijuana and its’ products, of which CBD is one, have been used as a medicine
for thousands of years. And there’ve been a great many studies and research
projects over the last few years that clearly indicate that CBD, a product derived
from the Hemp plant and with very little THC (when properly processed less than
0.3%), is a very effective anti-pain product. It was even listed in the “U.S.
Pharmacopeia” report before the onset of Federal restrictions in 1937. People
have used CBD for chronic back pain and CBD oil for nerve pain for a long, long

Does CBD Cream Help with Pain?

Many folks wish to know does CBD cream help with pain because so many
patent medicine creams make that claim but actually do nothing. Well, one of the
very earliest medicinal uses of Cannabis ever recorded was for Arthritis
(Rheumatism). And one of the most common uses for topical CBD products is, in
fact, for Arthritis. Recently the Arthritis Foundation surveyed 2600 Arthritis
sufferers and found that 79% had either considered CBD or had actually used it.
Plus, 29% of respondents were using CBD at the time of the survey. Reports were
very positive and indications from Baylor College of Medicine were that a pure
and reliable CBD cream didn’t just mask pain but rather caused pain to dissipate
for a given period of time.

How does CBD Relieve Pain?

Folks ask us all the time how does CBD work for pain?. Here’s how. Every person
has a cell-signaling system called the endocannabinoid system and CBD interacts
with that, connecting with the endocannabinoid receptors the brain, immune
system and even the skin. In fact, there are a high number of cannabinoid
receptors on the skin and as they interact with the CBD Oil Cream they “dial
down” the inflammatory “Markers” (like tumor necrosis factor alpha- SCARY!) and
thus reduce pain and inflammation.

But what’s CRITICAL to making sure that all of this works is for the patient to have
a dependable supply of pure CBD. CBD only became legal as a result of the 2018
Farm Bill and the FDA and other regulatory agencies are currently trying to figure
out how to assure that CBD sold in the US is pure and contains 0.3% or less of
THC. You should know that there have been surveys and studies revealing that
LOTS of the “CBD” sold in America has too much THC in it and other contaminants
that are really unpleasant to hear about.
Trust us.
At our Farm (yes, we really have our own Hemp farm) in Hotchkiss, Colorado we
grow all of our own Hemp under the meticulous eye of our Master Farm
Horticulturist in an environment of the cleanest soil, water and air. And we create
each CBD product with our own hands. This assures you the purest product that
you can get anywhere in the country. We have one Apothecary Shop right here at
the Farm and we have another serving the Colorado Front Range from the town
of Arvada (locations and contact details below). And we also ship our CBD
products anywhere in the USA.
Our wish for you is the greatest of health and wellness. And our goal is to make of
you not just our customer, but our friend as well.

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