How Long Has CBD Been Around?

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At 5280 Farm & Apothecary we are PROUD to be a part of the fledgling CBD and
CBD products Health and Wellness industry. CBD is now broadly recognized for its
wholesome benefits, and we believe that in time it will stand at the forefront of
holistic “Health Promoting Aids”.
And since we grow, make, and sell CBD Oil products we want you to be well
informed about our industry. So, here are some historical CBD Oil facts.

How long has CBD been Around?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been around and interacting in human wellness for as
long as Cannabis Marijuana plants have. Now, to make a quick point, CBD comes
from the Hemp plant, a Marijuana plant indeed, but CBD generally has almost
none of the THC that is “Psychoactive”. So, that hair being split, Hemp and
Marijuana plants as Medically Effective products safe for human consumption
have been around for an incredibly long time. In fact, records of Cannabis being
used to treat Malaria, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gout go as far back as 2737 BC in
China and were approved by the Chinese Emperor of that time, Shen-Nung.

History of Cannabidiol

The year 1839 was in an epoch where physicians were collectively desperate to
find a way to relieve pain for the patients they were treating. A lot of
groundbreaking treatment and surgery was being performed but pain relief was
still more of a hope that a reality. Then an Irish Doctor and Researcher named
William O’Shaughnessy began to suspect that there was an anesthetic as well as a
therapeutic potential in the Cannabis plant. He published his study on the topic
that year. And allow us to mention that this guy O’Shaughnessy was no slouch! It
was his pioneering research that lead to Intravenous Fluid and Electrolyte
Replacement Therapy! This man was a far-seeing forward thinker!

Who Discovered Cannabidiol?

[When was CBD discovered] and who discovered it? Well, in 1940 a British
scientist named Robert Cahn detected a molecular structure in Cannabis that

would ultimately be identified as CBD. Following that an American Chemist
named Adams isolated both Cannabinoids CBD and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
In the 1980s Israeli Dr. Raphael Mecholam not only disassociated CBD from THC,
proving that the former was NOT psychoactive while the latter was, but also
established that CBD could be successfully administered to Epileptic patients with
about half of his subjects having their seizures END! Unfortunately, and- Gosh,
almost unforgivably- there was so much anti-Cannabis sentiment at the time that
his findings were largely ignored. This is important when we discuss the [history
of CBD use] as a medicine and wellness enhancer.
But, let the pioneering continue!
Health my Friends!

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