Is CBD Good for Your Liver?

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Just a quick little essay for you today on CBD and the human liver. There have
been a lot of queries on the internet lately on this topic and we’ll try to be of

Is CBD Bad for Your Liver?

There are a great many research projects being conducted these days on the
medicinal benefits of CBD and, likewise, many being done on what might be the
downsides of CBD. But the good news is that, while it’s been a matter almost of
“taking sides” for some time, the two sides seem to be finding the truth
somewhere near the middle. So, is CBD bad for your liver? Not if taken
responsibly and in correct dosages. In fact, CBD has been shown to be cell protective. Let't take a look at both sides of the argument. 

Can CBD Cause Liver Damage?

Many people want to know can CBD cause liver damage? That’s probably
because of a recent study by the University of Arkansas. But let’s take a quick look
at that study to see what you have to do to get those results. First, the study used
8-week-old mice as subjects- not people. And the researchers exposed the mice
to MASSIVE doses of CBD or repeated elevated doses that were more
“moderate”. The mice that received massive doses showed clear signs of liver
toxicity. The mice exposed to the repeated doses showed signs of liver swelling
and damage.
Can you take too much CBD? Yep. Can you take too much Ibuprofen? Yep, and if
you do, you’ll have the same symptoms as if you had taken too much CBD. The
Arkansas researchers candidly admitted that their project was “critical” to an
understanding of CBD overdoses because the dosages to the mice were not “real-
life scenarios”.
Don’t take too much CBD. And don’t take too much Ibuprofen either.

Is CBD Good for Your Liver?

Is CBD good for your Liver? Now on that one, we’re getting mixed research
results. According to the Fatty Liver Foundation one study indicates that 10% of
its subjects experienced elevated CBD liver enzymes. However, the same
Foundation reports other research indicates that CBD, when metabolized by the
liver, improves liver function.
OK, so we think you’re probably tracking right along with us here. DON’T USE TO
MUCH of any health and wellness product! And we always suggest in the
strongest terms that before deciding on using a CBD product you consult with
your physician or primary Care Giver. Then, when professionals like 5280 Farm &
Apothecary become your CBD provider, they/we will make sure that you have
instructions on the correct dosage FOR YOU.

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