Is CBD Hemp Legal?

At 5280 Farm & Apothecary we don’t just believe in “Doing No Harm”, we also
believe in “Doing Good” wherever and whenever possible. Even if it’s unpleasant
or disappointing for the person or people on whose behalf you are trying to “Do
Good”. Which is why we are writing this brief paper to cover CBD, Federal
Employees and the rules that are in place in that regard RIGHT NOW however
unreasonable those may be.

Is CBD from Hemp Legal?

Is CBD from Hemp legal? Yes, of course. End of story. But wait, not so fast. One
could also ask is CBD legal in all 50 states 2018? And get another affirmative
“Yes”. And, since the Farm Bill of 2018 made CBD from Hemp Federally legal all
across the land (subject to local laws in agreement or at variance with the Farm
Bill) one might assume that it was then legal for Federal Employees. DON’T
ASSUME THAT; please read this article carefully and then take your decision to
use CBD judiciously.

Is CBD Legal for Federal Employees

Is CBD legal for Federal employees? Probably not, at least NOT RIGHT NOW. If
it’s FEDERALLY LEGAL why is CBD illegal for Federal Employees? Here’s why:
SAMHSA- the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration within the
Federal Government. What this bureaucracy oversees is the uniform drug testing
of Federal Employees and the test these bureaucrats have decided to use will
throw a positive hit at ANY AMOUNT of THC. So, even though the farm Bill
dictates that CBD with 0.3% or less of THC in it is a therapeutic and legal it IS NOT
LEGAL TO SAMHSA. Here’s a quote from the Head Bureaucrat at SAMHSA, Ronald
“Under the Drug Free Workplace Program, there is no legitimate medical
explanation for a positive test result…the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived
products under certain conditions, but it does not change the policy on marijuana
How do you like that? Well, we don’t like it. But we think it’s best that if you are
asking the questions that led you to us and this page that we level with you. We’ll
make a suggestion about responding to this in just a second.

CBD Federal Employees

About a dozen Federal Employees have been disciplined or forced into early
retirement behind the SAMHSA policy so far. So, take this seriously! When you
are asking if CBD Oil is legal for SAMHSA you might as well be asking “is THC Oil
legal?” And it’s not, IN ANY AMOUNT, to the people at SAMHSA. And they will
destroy your career over this. However, there are some states that require or
supply a prescription for Hemp CBD, find out of yours does. And there are other
formal medical venues by which you may secure a prescription, which makes it
“OK” for you to throw a positive for 0.3% or less of CBD.
But allow us to recommend another couple of things. First, if you are a Federal
Employee you are a Union Member; have your Union representatives militate to
get this policy changed. And, if you don’t already know who your members of
Congress are you can find out at And one last thing on this,
there are a great many wonderful people in this young industry but there are also
some ranging from amateur to maleficent and it is absolutely necessary that when
you buy CBD you get it from someone making certain that there is not too much
THC in it or any other impurities for that matter. That describes us at 5280 Farm &
Apothecary. We actually have a FARM where all of our Hemp plants are curated
seed to harvest by a Farmer/Horticulturalist. And our products are all hand
crafted by our team of Professional Apothecaries. We also ship to almost every
place in the USA. If in the long term you do not become OUR friend and customer,
be sure that you find someone LIKE US to do business with.

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