Is It Legal to Sell CBD Online?

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Greetings from 5280 Farm & Apothecary, your very own CBD Oil Place! If you
are new to the Wellness Universe of CBD, new to the area you live in, or just
searching for a new CBD store we have what you’re looking for or we will have it

Is It Legal to Sell CBD Oil Online?

If you’re new to the CBD Universe you may be wondering is it legal to buy CBD
Oil online? The answer is a resounding “YES!” Since the Farm Bill of 2018 it has
been legal to buy CBD online though it’s best to do business with a scrupulously
honest vendor. Which is what we are at 5280 Farm & Apothecary. Our CBD for
sale is the very highest quality available. We take pride in our sustainable and biodynamic farming practices, never using any harsh pesticides or chemicals here at our farm. Every one of our plants is cultivated under the watchful eye of our expert Farm Horticulturist and each of our products is handmade by our resident Herbalist, Nicole, on site at the Farm!

CBD Oil Near Me

At some point everyone who partakes in the benefits of CBD asks where can I
find quality CBD near me? Well, where to find CBD Oil is where you are right
now. Our CBD is cultivated with care, and we ship to all locations in every State of the Union. We back our products 100%, are proud of our Farm, our products, and our excellent team of Wellness Pros.

Where to Find CBD Oil

Now that you’ve found us why not go ahead and get in touch. We can assist you
in determining exactly what it is you need, and we can get it to you quickly
anywhere in the USA.
We look forward to serving you and if you’re ever in or near Hotchkiss, Colorado or in the Denver Metro Area.
Feel free to go ahead and drop by the Farm or our Arvada location anytime!

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