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Hi Everyone!
Welcome to 5280 Farm & Apothecary!

CBD Oil Website

You’ve found our website, and if you ever want to FIND US just drop by our Farm
in Hotchkiss, Colorado. Here at the Farm, our CBD Cannabis plants are grown with the upmost care. This is why our CBD products are the best that you’ll find anywhere. Whether you make your purchases from us in Hotchkiss, or in our Arvada, Colorado Apothecary, or online, we want to be Your [CBD Shop]! Remember, if you can’t visit us in person, we can ship our hand-crafted produce to you anywhere in America, Express if need be.

Pure CBD Oil

Now that you know where to buy CBD Oil please allow us to mention something
about purity for your benefit. PURITY is the key to acquiring the best possible CBD
experience and impurities in CBD are the principal source of “Side Effects”. One
recent expert study of online CBD demonstrated that only 31% of online CBD
products bought and tested actually had correct ingredient lists on the packaging.
31%! Good Grief-what’s that about!?!
That is not us! We take the greatest pride in supplying you the purist CBD
products from plants raised in the pristine air and with the pristine water of the
Colorado Rockies. Our plants thrive here at Hotchkiss and we are sure that YOU
will thrive on the yield from them.

Colorado CBD Online

As soon as we tested the yield from our first planting of the seeds we imported to
the Rockies we understood that Colorado CBD was head and shoulders above all
others in wellness effectiveness. Once you have tried 5280 CBD there will be no
looking back at any CBD you have tried before. We are dedicated to your
satisfaction and your good health.

Give us a try, we’re sure you’ll be 100% satisfied and we hope that you become
our friend as well as our customer.

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