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Hi Everybody from 5280 Farm & Apothecary!
Hey, is it legal to sell CBD oil? And has anyone tested positive for CBD oil on a
drug test? Yes, it’s legal. And, no on the drug test- but we need to split a hair for
you on the second question. So, read along carefully PLEASE.

What’s CBD?

First thing that we must establish as we take on the question of “Can you fail a
drug test for CBD?” is to answer the initial question of what’s CBD]oil and
what’s not? CBD oil stands for CANNABIDIOL oil and NOT for CANNABINOL. The
reason that this is so important is that Cannabidiol oil has 0.3% or less of
Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC, in it and not only doesn’t get a
person “High” but also does not show up in a drug test. Can you fail a drug test
for CBD? No. But let’s go ahead and split that previously mentioned hair.

Does CBD Show Up on A Drug Test?

Because Cannabinol, which is sometimes recommended as a sleep aid, does have
more than 0.3% of THC in it you get that red flag on the drug test. And, knowing
what you now know about the difference between Cannabidiol and Cannabinol
you’d think that you had the whole thing figured out. But, not so fast. The
Professionals, like us, in our industry are working hard to make sure that your CBD
is the absolute purist that can be had. But unfortunately, there are quite a few
less than scrupulous people more interested in their profits than in your wellness.
We really hate to tell you that but it’s true.

Pure CBD

We won’t go into some of the things that have been discovered by researchers in
some CBD products that have been tested- it would probably just upset you and
distract you from our central point. But one important study in 2017
demonstrated that 1 in 5 “CBD” products purchased in that study had more than
0.3% THC in them. Not only would that make someone “Flunk” the drug test but,
and perhaps more importantly, it might create a delay in receiving care for
someone who was very sick or fighting a bad addiction (ex. Opioids).

You must make sure that you are doing business with ethical professionals when
you purchase any CBD product. And we humbly, but frankly, suggest ourselves to
fill that roll for you. We are perfectly dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our
Client Friends and we know what we’re doing. Every single plant we handmake
our products from is grown right here on the Farm- no middlemen, no “re-sold”
CBD, no tricks, no gimmicks, no kidding.

If you’re ever in Hotchkiss, Colorado feel free to stop in and look over our
operation. We’re very proud of it and we bet that you’d be impressed. Our
locations and contact info are below and please remember that we ship our fine
products to every State in the Union.

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