Understanding CBD Law

Understanding CBD Law Can Be A Challenge

CBD Law can be confusing and so can CBD labeling guidelines. But we are
happy to take this opportunity to help you navigate this overly complicated
corner of the Wellness World. Now, CBD Law is clouded by the fact that the U.S.
Food & Drug Administration (hereafter the FDA) takes the position that CBD-
infused foods, supplements, and products cannot be lawfully sold in the US. Wait,
wait, wait! It’s OK, States have written their own laws allowing for these sales that
are not in accord with that FDA position. So, Sales go on. But one thing that we
believe every honest company that has CBD Oil for sale should agree on is a
uniform program for CBD labeling guidelines. Every State that has legalized the
purchase of CBD products mandates product labeling and that has created an
industry standard for labeling.

FDA CBD regulation and the Industry Standard
Let’s take a look.
The “Industry Standard” evolved from, believe it or not, the FDCA- the Food &
Drug Cosmetic Act. No kidding! It just naturally covered all the bases best. Here’s
what is required in CBD labeling AND WHAT YOU AS A CONSUMER SHOULD
EXPECT AND LOOK FOR. (1) An identity statement of what the product is, (2) a net
weight of the product, (3) a list of all ingredients, and, (4), the name and address
of the manufacturer. It should also have a scannable Bar or QR Code. And States
are now gravitating towards:
 A batch i.d. number
 The product name
 A batch date
 An expiration date
 A batch size
 A total quantity produced
 The ingredients used
 A Certificate of Analysis

5280 Leads the Way!
What are the ingredients in CBD that you buy is and should be a concern for
every CBD consumer. And, here at the Farm, our philosophy is to be on the
cutting edge of product and customer service. Which is why we subscribe to all
the previous product information policies. We want to earn your trust and friendship. If you have any questions feel free to contact us about that and/or about making a purchase. Remember, we ship to all 50 States.
Of course, you can always drop by the Farm in Hotchkiss and say “Hello”.
Hope to hear from you soon!

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