What are the benefits of CBD Gummies?

Greetings from 5280 Farm &  Apothecary Friends, Customers and future Friends
and Customers! We wish you to know that we really have a FARM in Colorado
where we grow every single Hemp plant that we craft our products from, and
those products are handcrafted right here on the Farm by professional
Apothecaries who take personal pride in our product quality and purity. This is
not an easy process and it’s CERTAINLY not a process that should EVER include
“Short Cuts”.
One of the services that we are pleased to provide our friends, customers and
readers is useful and accurate information. And in this brief essay we would like
to do that on the topic of CBD Gummies benefits and concerns.

What are the benefits of CBD Gummies?

At 5280 we do not currently produce CBD Gummy products. We do produce
delicious and effective CBD edibles in the forms of Caramels, Hard Candies, CBD infused Honey creations. We are not against Gummies per se’, when done right they can mitigate insomnia, inflammation, anxiety, muscle pain and bring steadiness and balance to the human body. And as you’re probably aware the FDA has certified CBD as an effective treatment for some forms of epilepsy. The Gummy is attractive for several reasons: ease of dosage, convenience of ingestion, and eye appeal. It’s OBVIOUSLY candy, everybody likes and has fun with candy! But returning to the point of never taking short cuts in CBD production, if you are asking “Do CBD Gummies help with pain?”, or “Do CBD Gummies work for anxiety?” the answer really is, “It depends on the Gummy.”

CBD Gummies Anxiety

For anxiety or any malady that you are addressing with CBD you must have the
purist CBD possible. Unfortunately, there are CBD practitioners in our industry
who are just not committed enough to that concept. A lot of CBD Gummy
products have adulterants in them and dextrose, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide,
lactic acid, fumaric acid, alcohol, and artificial flavors and colors and large
amounts of sugar are frequently among them. This type of contamination is
anathema to the entire concept of a “Wellness Product”.

Another concern along these lines is CBD Isolate. A full spectrum Hemp extract is
a rich and dense oil and some Gummy makers find it easier to basically “spray” a
CBD isolate onto an existing non-CBD Gummy. That in and of itself is kind of
underhanded but the creation of CBD Isolate is also a very complex process and is
fraught with the possibility of errors. If the people making your Gummies are
prone to short cuts CBD Isolate sprayed Gummies can be a bad recipe indeed!

CBD Gummies for anxiety around Children

An adult using CBD Gummies for anxiety or any other malady who has a child or
children in the house must be very attentive as to how s/he secures the Gummies.
A “Gummy Bear” is just plain attractive to a child. A bag or container of them is
even more attractive. So, if you have some on hand 5280 Farm & Apothecary
recommends that you not show them to children and not give them to a child
without the express recommendation of that child’s physician. And by the way,
you should consult your own physician before employing CBD as well.

How long does it take before CBD Gummies work?

How long does it take for CBD Gummies to work? That’s a frequently asked
question and we will use this as an opportunity to remind the reader of our own
Caramels, Hard Candies, Almond Milk and CBD infused Honey offerings. Because
the Gummy must be processed all the way through the digestive system it will
take around 90 minutes to begin to have the sought for effect. But the products
we have listed and that we prefer here at the Farm are sublingual and will take
effect more quickly.
We hope that this “Snapshot” of CBD Gummies has been useful. We submit that if
you are considering Gummies but are at the same time committed to finding THE
RIGHT CBD edible you may want to try a Gummy product from a provider of your
choice and compare it to a 5280 Farm & Apothecary product.
We think you’ll go with ours.

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