What Does CBD Stand For?

Greetings from 5280 Farm & Apothecary in Hotchkiss, Colorado.
We’re writing this brief text for folks who have heard good things about CBD Oil
and may be considering giving a CBD product a “try” for specific medicinal
benefits or for general wellness. If that’s you, you may have some initial questions
about CBD and we’ll try to anticipate a few of those here and get them answered
for you.

What Does CBD Stand For?

CBD is shorthand for Cannabidiol. Now, the root word of Cannabidiol is Cannabis
but let us immediately dissuade you from jumping to any conclusions based upon
that. The fact that CBD is Cannabis based has worked against it and its wellness
benefits in the USA for decades. However, this is because so many people hear
“Cannabis” and think “Marijuana”, which is a psychoactive narcotic. At 5280 Farm
& Apothecary we don’t take a position on Marijuana use or abuse. But we do
make certain that we take the time to make sure that our readers, customers, and
friends make the distinction between CBD and Marijuana. The psychoactive
component- the stuff that gets people “Stoned”- in Marijuana is
Tetrahydrocannabinol or “THC”. When CBD is created correctly and legally, as it is
here at 5280, it contains 0.3% or less of THC which isn’t enough to be
psychoactive. In four short words:

What Is CBD Made From?

Now, that begs the question what is CBD made from and what makes it different
from That Other Cannabis? CBD is created from the Hemp Plant, as opposed to
the Marijuana Plant. These plants are “Cousins” as it were, but Marijuana is
psychoactive, and Hemp/CBD is not when the CBD is properly extracted and
“Curated”. And that’s what we do at 5280 Farm & Apothecary. We really are a
Farm- each Hemp plant is grown, seed to harvest, here at the Farm by a
professional Farm Horticulturalist and every resulting CBD product is created here
by hand. Our OWN hands. The Western Slope of Colorado has the richest soil,
cleanest air and most pristine water on earth, and we take Personal Guardianship
over ensuring that that level of purity STAYS IN every one of our CBD productions.
No Middlemen, no Poppycock and NO KIDDING.

Does CBD Actually Do Anything?

You may, and probably should, ask does CBD actually do anything? We’re glad
you asked. CBD research has been extensive and has involved professional
scientists and physicians from the most prestigious Universities, Institutions and
Clinics. And these studies indicate that CBD may relieve pain, reduce anxiety and
depression, mitigate cancer symptoms, improve heart health, and may even have
Neuroprotective properties- which is to say that there may be a CBD brain
damage treatment on the horizon. In fact, a recent White Paper from none other
than the Mayo Clinic admonished Health Care Professionals to maintain an open
mind to the potential for all these things and more.
So, if you are considering CBD for the treatment of a specific malady or for overall
wellness, we hope that you’ll get in touch with us (contact details below). We ship
to almost every State in the nation and can offer you guidance as to choices and
therapies and offer whatever advice is appropriate. We’ve already mentioned our
Farm and growing process and we’d like once more quickly to convey how
dedicated we are to purity, service and effectiveness. In short:


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