What is the difference between CBD Isolate and CBD Full Spectrum?

What is the difference between CBD isolate and CBD Full Spectrum?

Now, that is a question asked constantly by people who have just discovered the benefits of CBD and even amongst folks have been aware of those benefits for some time. And if you are in or are planning to be in an establishment that has CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD oil for sale, or you are considering buying either product online, you do need to be able to make the distinction between the two. We are happy to help you there. Let us begin with the CBD Isolate and its benefits before we go to full spectrum CBD oil benefits. Despite “Full Spectrum” seeming by
name to be perhaps more elaborate than “Isolate”, the Isolate is in fact the more
complex CBD wellness product to produce. While Isolate is essentially CBD oil
without the THC and Full Spectrum is CBD with some, but very little, THC in it,
the Isolate is more intensely refined, more deeply processed and aimed, as it
were, at a specific wellness concern. It is purified to such an extent that it can be
“directed” at reducing nausea and vomiting, suppressing seizure activity,
mediating psychotic disorders, reducing inflammation, combating tumors and
cancers, decreasing anxiety and depression, and tempering neurodegenerative
disorders specifically.

Full Spectrum CBD Formula

Unlike the Isolate, the Full Spectrum CBD formula is just that, the “Whole
Shebang”. All the healthy components that are in Hemp are in the Full Spectrum
CBD, so it is a virtual all-encompassing broth of goodness. All or most of the
human individual internal receptors can benefit as they need and can from the
Full Spectrum CBD. This is known as the Entourage effect- it is an ENTOURAGE of
wellness. Full Spectrum CBD renders a broader positive effect. Of course, you will
want to consult with your physician or primary caregiver as you are deciding
which CBD format is best for your individual wellness needs.

CBD OIL Differences in Flavor

Since so many people prefer to ingest their CBD in or with other drinks and food,
we do want to quickly point out that there is a distinct difference in flavor
between Isolate and Full Spectrum. The Isolate will be lighter, sometimes almost
without flavor, while the Full Spectrum will be fuller bodied. So, arguably, the
Isolate would be the easier of the two to use as a food or drink additive.

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