Hemp, Hibiscus & Rose - Organic CBD Body Lotion 800mg

Hemp, Hibiscus & Rose - Organic CBD Body Lotion 800mg

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Our ultra nourishing Hemp, Hibiscus & Rose body lotion is crafted with 800mg of 5280 Farms' Full Spectrum CBD Extract. 

Each lotion is formulated and hand crafted in small batches to provide the upmost quality to our consumers.

Made with non-GMO, organic, cruelty free, plant based, vegan and locally sourced ingredients.

Here at 5280 we pride ourselves in creating sustainably sourced packaging and ingredients - Our lotion is packaged in an 8oz Glass Amber Bottle

Made with love in the mountains of Western Colorado  - Enjoy!


Hemp Seed Oil

Our organic hemp seed oil is known for its high omega 3, antioxidant, anti aging and cell protective properties. Hemp seed oil will keep your skin protected, while delivering deep, cell level moisture. 


Hibiscus has a magical reputation in skin care because it is a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs are known to help exfoliate, control oily skin and clogged pores, all of which can encourage fresher, younger, and smoother looking skin, while also increasing moisture and firmness. Hibiscus is rich in vitamin c, assisting the skin in regeneration, clarifying and brightening.


Rose is an obvious choice for any skincare routine. Rose is an anti oxidant powerhouse known to tone and hydrate the skin, soothe redness and inflammation, even skin tone and even fight wrinkles and aging.

and of course, 5280's Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract >>>

CBD is a wonderful choice for all skin types, and is especially healing to those with sensitive skin.

CBD has been shown to have a large number of benefits for the skin, acting as an overall calming agent for stressed, tired or inflamed skin. In addition to its calming properties, CBD has been shown to relieve common skin issues by reducing inflammation and boosting nutrients. Benefits of CBD in skincare include powerful antioxidants and anti inflammatory agents that can help treat conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, healing of age spots, skin protection and more!

Our CBD Hemp here at 5280 Farm & Apothecary has been grown with love at our farm in Western CO. Always grown without any harsh pesticides or impurities, only biodynamic farming practices, and fed with freshest spring water that flows straight from the Rocky Mountain run off. We believe that cannabis is a powerful and healing medicine from Earth herself, and we are dedicated to providing our consumers with the highest quality plant medicine possible!

Thank you for shopping with us! ~