Our Farm & Apothecary

5280˚ Farm and Apothecary is located in Hotchkiss, a small faming community that has been around since the early 1900s, and is part of the beautiful mountain range of Western Colorado, known as the North Fork Valley. The North Fork Valley is one of Colorado's most well known locations for farming and agriculture, and the roots of biodynamic and sustainable farming practices run deep in the community here.

Our Farming Practices

 Here at 5280˚ Farm we are dedicated to farming the highest quality, most sustainably grown product for our consumers. We understand that Cannabis is a powerful plant medicine that deserves the upmost care and respect during cultivation, and so our plants are never grown with any pesticides or harmful chemicals. Instead, we have adopted a living soil method of farming, which ensures that our soil is rich in its diverse micro biology, full of beneficial bacteria, fungi, insect life and more.

Rather than feeding our plants with sometimes harmful industrial fertilizers, we utilize a variety of organic compost and fermentation teas made from the naturally grown herbs on our property and our farm animals, to deliver potent bioavailable nutrients into our soil, and therefore our plants. The water used to feed our plants is the fresh spring run off that flows directly from our nearest mountain range, directly onto our field, and is recycled back into surrounding lakes and rivers.